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MUSIC IS IN MY BLOOD!! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Music In My Blood

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(no subject) [Jul. 21st, 2003|02:30 am]
Music In My Blood

[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |Diana Fox - Where Are You Now (Radio)]

Better Off Alone
Alice Deejay

One More Night


I Turn To You (Hex Hector)
Melanie C.

At The End

Rapture (Riva Remix)

Silence (Airscape Rmx)

Never (Past Tense) (J. Budz Remix)
Roc Project/Tina Arena

Running On Empty (Progressive Breaks
Diana Fox

Higher & Higher
DJ Jurgen

9 Pm

Shine (Tracy Young Rmx)
Cyndi Lauper


What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above

Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Kylie Minogue

Touch Me
Rui Da Silva

It Feels So Good

I Begin To Wonder

Daft Punk

I See Right Through To You
DJ Encore

Spin Spin Sugar
Sneaker Pimps

Blue Monday
New Order

Surrender (Mike Rizzo Rmx)
Laura Pausini
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music list [Jul. 22nd, 2003|01:17 am]
Music In My Blood

[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Madonna - Human Nature]

Alanis Morrissette - So Pure
Bjork - Isobel
Blondie - Screaming Skin
Cher - Halfbreed
Christina Aguilera - Can't Hold Us Down
Concrete Blond - Joey
Cranberries - Yeat's Grave
Cyndi Lauper - She Bop
Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffany's
Eve 6 - Here's to the Night
Garbage - Queer
Jewel - Intuition
Lisa Marie Presley - Lights Out
Madonna - Ill Remember
Mandy Moore - Cry
Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
Simon & Garfunkle - Richard Cory
TATU - All The Things She Said
TLC - No Scrubs
White Town - Your Woman
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here it goes [Jul. 21st, 2003|11:46 pm]
Music In My Blood

[mood |boredbored]
[music |bjork "army of me"]

Ok- Ive read that its fifteen songs, and Ive read that its twenty. here is twenty ...
IF it is only fifteen and I somehow got confused-- please disregard the titles with the * by them.
thanks <3

bjork- Bachelorette
ani Difranco- shy
the orb- Halycon
tori amos- take to the sky
bedrock- heaven scent
tsunami bomb- say it if you mean it
no doubt- oi to the world*
kosheen- i want it all
etta james- at last
madonna- frozen*
dj dieselboy- tough at the top
ak1200- drowning
deftones- lucky you
basement jaxx- do your thing
blondie- one way or another*
fiona apple- paper bag
india.arie- ready for love*
natalie imbguglia- smoke*
robbie williams- rock dj
sublime- trenchtown rock
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FEEBACK PLEASE [Jul. 21st, 2003|11:48 pm]
Music In My Blood

[music |Watching Rush HOUR 2 ^_^]

I would appreciate any feedback.. anything to make it fun and more enjoyable is a good thing. please leave comments for me and Ryan to read.
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WELCOME [Jul. 21st, 2003|09:26 pm]
Music In My Blood


You are all stamped...you can all now vote!!!
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My list... [Jul. 21st, 2003|09:09 pm]
Music In My Blood

[mood |energeticenergetic]

I have read that I cannot copy some songs on other lists, I was about to put some songs on this list but I remembered I can't do that. I wasn't really copying them though, but oh well, I guess it's first come first serve :).

Here's my list, enjoy!
(in no particular order)

1. Avril Lavigne - Anything But Ordinary
2. Christina Aguilera - Fighter
3. Britney Spears - I Love Rock and Roll
4. Sheryl Crow - C'mon C'mon
5. Madonna - American Life
6. Missy Elliott - Gossip Folks
7. Mandy Moore - Only Hope
8. Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman - Someday We'll Know
9. Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out My Head
10. Sugababes - SoulSound
11. Sum 41 - In Too Deep
12. Aaliyah - I Miss Youu
13. TLC - No Scrubs
14. Jewel - Intuition
15. Good Charlotte - Lifestyle Of The Rich And The Famous
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(no subject) [Jul. 21st, 2003|09:04 pm]
Music In My Blood
[mood |chipperchipper]

WHat's up kids...this is your co-moderator and Co-maintainer weighing in with my songs...

The whole Dewdrops in the Garden cd - Dee-lite
The One - Tracy Bonham
Something to Sing About - Sarah Michelle Gellar
Death is a Star - the Clash
Awake - Finch
Spanish Doll - Poe
Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benetar
Radio - Alkaline Trio
32 Flavors - Ani DiFranco
No More I love You's - Annie Lennox
Detour - Bis
Deluxed - Delirium
Up to the Roof - Blue Man Group (with Tracy Bonham)
St Theresa - Joan Osborne
Sunny Day - Leah Andreone
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K here's the damn list...LOL [Jul. 21st, 2003|08:58 pm]
Music In My Blood

[mood |satisfiedsatisfied]
[music |Roger Sanchez - Another Chance]

1) Paulina Rubio - Fire (Hex Hector Club Mix)
2) Everything But the Girl - Corcovado
3) Solomon Burke - Cry To Me
4) Annie Lennox - Pavement Cracks (Scumfrog Mix)
5) Gotan Project - Queremos Paz
6) Thalia - Arrasando (Mijangos Mix)
7) Danni Minogue - I Begin To Wonder
8) Whitney Houston - Love That Man (Peter Rauhofer Future Mix)
9) Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
10) Aretha Franklin - I Say A Little Prayer
11) Chicane - Saltwater
12) Shawn Desman - Shook
13) Laura Pausini - Surrender
14) Usher - You Got It Bad
15) Kosheen - Face In A Crowd
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I'm the owner but here's a list i made awhile ago [Jul. 21st, 2003|10:49 pm]
Music In My Blood

O Trem Azul - Milton Nascimento
What Makes You - Jessie Harris and Norah Jones ^_^
Too Nice To Talk To - The English Beat
Wassamatter Baby? - Yerba Buena
Lucy Doesn't Love You - Ivy
Your Love is Too Much - Jim Croce
De Eso Nada Monada- Ray & His Court
Freedom Rider - Traffic
Sem Reposta- Celso Fonseca
Little Kids- Kings Of Convenience(LADYTRON REMIX) - I LOVE (BLUE JEANS)
Mr.Moon- The Meters
The Motivator- T.Rex
Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow- Earl Klugh
The Ketchup Song - Las Ketchup( HIPPY MIX)
Sweet City Woman- The Stampeders
Jordu - Charlie Byrd
Soul Dressing- Booker T. & The MGs
Ndongoy Daara- Orchestra Baobab
On The Road Again- Canned Heat
Swan Swan Hummingbird- REM
Yes We Can Can- Lee Dorsey
Rudie Can't Fail - The Clash
El Son Reggae- Les Nubians
Inside My Love - Minnie Ripperton ( such a dirty song ^_^ )
Trouble- Cat Stevens
Right Place, Wrong Time- Dr. John ( DAZED AND CONFUSED ) ^_^
Coffy is The Color- Roy Ayers
Ghana Spice ( Part 1) - Candido
You Knock Me Out - R.Kelly
Love Will Find A Way - Pablo Cruise
Kabluere- Antonio Carlos E Jocafi
D'Yer Maker- Led Zeppelin
O Amordaqui De Casa- Gilberto Gil
Grandma's Hands- Bill Withers
Subrosa - Beastie Boys
Fill This World With Love - Ann Peebles
Have A Good Time- Paul Simon
Sunshine Day- Osibisa
A Sack Full of Soul - Roland Krik
Reggae Got Soul- Toots & The Maytals
Bananera- Bebl Gilberto
Man On The Corner- Genesis
Adriana- Rua Port'Alba
Hunk O' Funk - Brother Jack McDuff
Life- Sly & The Family Stone
Funk #49- James Gang
Sing A Happy Song- War
She's Only Happy IN The Sun - Ben Harper
Diamond Girl - Seals & Crofts
Do Your Thing - Issac Hayes
Organ Grinder's Swing- Jimmy Smith
Express Yourself- Charles Wright
La Luna En Tu Miranda- Ry Cooder & Manuel Gilban
Amoreena- Elton John
By This River - Brian Eno
Qualquer Coisa - Los Super Seven
Undone- The Guess Who
Maria Fulo- Maria Makeba
I Saw The Light - Todd Rundgren
Roots Rock Reggae- Bob Marley
The Man Who Sold The World - David Bowie
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A'ight yo [Jul. 21st, 2003|10:00 pm]
Music In My Blood

[music |No Doubt - Comforting Lie]

1. Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
2. System S.F feat. ANNA - Look to the Sky
3. Garbage - Cherry Lips
4. The Smiths - How Soon is Now
5. No Doubt - Artificial Sweetener
6. Cranberries - Ode to my Family
7. Riyu Kosaka - True... (Trance Sunrise Mix)
8. Bif Naked - Lucky
9. Mandy Moore - Cry
10. Banco de Gaia - Glove Puppet
11. Depeche Mode - Somebody
12. Lifehouse - Breathing
13. Sixpence None the Richer - Paralyzed
14. Goldfinger - Vintage Queen
15. Jewel - Yes You Can
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